Husband storms out of house after wife reveals she is pregnant

Rude or fair enough?
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A father-to-be has asked the internet for advice after he was blindsided by his wife’s surprise pregnancy announcement.

Speaking to Reddit, the anonymous husband, 37, said he and his wife, also 37, had been trying for a baby for a while without success.

Writing that he is a ‘very private person’, the man admitted he might have acted like an ‘a**hole’ when his wife of two years revealed she was expecting.

‘One day, my wife told me she wanted to have a dinner party and invite both our families and our closest friends… something we don’t usually do,’ he said.

‘Everything was going swimmingly… then my wife tapped her glass calling for everyone’s attention. She stood up and told everyone the reason why she’d invited everyone there was to announce that she’s pregnant.’

While everyone was gushing with excitement, all of them assumed that the husband was already aware of the special news. 

But he had no idea. 

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‘I was angry. My wife didn’t tell me she was pregnant. I felt like I should’ve been the first to know,’ he added. 

‘By telling me with the rest of the family, it felt like I didn’t matter. I just felt like a chump because my whole family and two friends found out about MY baby the same time I did.’

The man said he stormed out of the dinner party, booked a motel and dodged his wife’s calls for the rest of the night. 

Now, he says their relationship has never been the same since. 

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After sharing the post, the responses were divided pretty evenly between sympathy and anger.

‘He definitely overreacted and should have at least kept it together in front of guests, but he had every right to be upset. What she did was really sh**y,’ one person said.

‘You’ve both been trying for so long, and she probably thought you would be very happy with the surprise. How can you not be the asshole after that? You threw a whole tantrum,’ another comment read. 

Do you agree with the wife or husband?

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