Husband pens heartbreaking letter to wife after she dies

She was only 30 years old..

A devastated husband has written a heartfelt letter after his wife died of cancer at the age of 30.

On Sunday, January 14 at around 2.10am, brave Laura Vickery passed away after a five-year battle with breast cancer that had spread to her liver.

Her husband Sam, 29, was by her side and gave her a kiss on the forehead before telling her ‘it was okay to let go’.

Sharing his story with The Mirror newspaper, Sam described how he’d lost his ‘soulmate’ and the ‘light of his life’.

In the letter he described his wife’s last day in hospital.

We laughed, we talked about how much we loved each other and that only me and her could be this unlucky as per usual. She said to me ‘I think I am going to try and sleep baby’. Before she went to sleep, I said to her ‘I want you to know how proud of you I am, how much I love you and how strong she is’, Sam wrote.

Half an hour later his wife began to struggle to breath and Sam feared the end was near, writing: She grabbed for my hand and I could see the fear in her beautiful eyes. 

After Laura took her last breath, Sam stayed with her and spoke to his beloved wife.

It is the most devastating feeling in the world. I stayed with her for a while and talked to her a little more. I apologised for being tired and not being there for her, I told her I loved her repeatedly, how much I was going miss her, Sam wrote.

The thought that I will never see her again, has destroyed me. Her friends and family arrived, and they all took turns saying their goodbyes. After they were done, I returned to the room one last time to pack her things and say my final goodbye. It was the hardest moment pulling myself away from her.

Laura can now rest easy, she is no longer in pain and no longer has to suffer. She didn’t give up ever and it was only her body that couldn’t cope. Mentally she could have continued forever. I loved that about her the most. She wouldn’t give up for anything. 

Laura died of cancer 20 years after her own mother succumbed to the disease at the age of 42. She was diagnosed five years ago after initially being sent away because she was ‘too young’ to have breast cancer.

Laura has joined her mother and they are having a long overdue hug and kiss, wrote Sam.

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