How to beat ‘earlobe sag’

It's working wonders for some women.

Would you go this far to avoid stretched earlobes?

It’s a heartbreaking realisation for so many women: earlobes, as with so many other bits, simply don’t stay smooth and firm forever.

Years of earring use – particularly with heavier pairs – can stretch out the earlobes over time, creating a very “droopy” feeling and making all but the smallest accessories impractical to wear. It’s a sign of ageing many simply don’t see coming – or know how to hide.

But all is not lost.

A recent New York Post piece reveals the enormous lengths many older women are now going to get their earlobe shape recovered – and in some cases, even improved.

Enter the up-and-coming trend of ear fillers: a chance to get your earlobes pumped with hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane.

These are a relatively simple, painless procedure, more subtle and with less risk than the average cosmetic facial adjustment. And unlike so many other injections, the results are immediate.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Melissa Doft told the New York Post she was filling in a patient’s cheeks when she stumbled on the idea. “I started saving a little bit of filler and filling out their earlobes.”

“There’s just something cuter and younger out of it.”

“Every time I put on my diamonds, I think about that moment of becoming a mother for the first time… To think they’re just going to sit in a safe somewhere, that you don’t get to relive those memories.”

This article originally appeared on Starts at 60.

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