How this bride came to have three flower girls – with a combined age of 277

So sweet!

When Yasmine Parker, 26, and her fiancé Rick were planning their wedding they hit a little snag.

The wedding party was coming together perfectly but they were both so close to their grandmothers it seemed a shame they couldn’t be involved.

‘I had my sister, Monalisa, and three cousins as bridesmaids but I wondered if there was a way to include our older relatives too,’ Yasmine explained to that’s life!

It was Rick who came up with the perfect solution – why not ask his nanna, Doreen, 93, his other nanna, Jean, 88, and Yasmine’s nanna, Rouhanieh, 96?

Decked in silver floral dresses the three beloved women made their way to the front of the church during Yasmine and Rick’s dream ceremony – walkers and all.

‘The only hitch was that their steady pace mean the music ended too soon!’ laughs Yasmine.

‘Monalisa had to walk down the aisle the silence!’

Yasmine and Rick are delighted that they were able to get their nannas involved in their big day, but they love how it has put a smile on other people’s faces too.

‘Our nannas are proof that you’re never too old to have a good time!’ they says.

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