Angelina Jolie ‘lookalike’ reveals what she used to look like

So scary.

An Iranian woman has gone viral after claiming she had 50 surgeries in a bid to look like her idol – Angelina Jolie.

The Sun reports, Sahar Tabar claims to be one of the actresses biggest fans and has said she ‘would do anything’ to emulate her. 

But now, the 19-year-old has shared to her social media the ‘before’ pictures of her surgery – and it’s truly frightening.

angelina lookalike

‘The nose is obviously distorted from having at least one too many rhinoplasties,’ celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer told Newsweek.

‘There is probably a silicone implant to give tip and bridge support.’

Dr Salzhauer has not treated Sabar, but also claims her ‘lips look overfilled with filler.’

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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