House Rules Aaron and Daniella talk life after winning the series

They spill on what they'll spend their prize money on!

Q: How does it feel to be the House Rules winners?

Daniella: Every time someone says that you still get goosebumps and we think, have you really won? Is someone going to call us and go sorry guys, this is a mistake.

Q: So, $200,000, that is a significant amount. What are you going to do with it? Obviously your house is done.

Daniella: Well yeah, the house is done but we will be doing a couple of little fix ups around the house and we had the biggest mortgage on the show so to free some of that up we want to put most of the money on to our mortgage and leave ourselves with a little bit. Take a holiday but we want to take a holiday next year. We might do something locally for now. I feel like we need to go somewhere just to re-group again.

Aaron: We’re going to throw a little Gold Coast/ Vegas party for Kate and Harry.  We’ll invite them to the Gold Coast and let them come in with Xavier (their son) and let them spend a week in our home they built for us and enjoy the experience.

Q: Have you spoken to them since the show?

Daniella: Yes, we have spoken to them. We haven’t had a chance to speak to them this morning because it’s just been crazy busy but we spoke to them before and after the results last night so it was great and they were just as excited as what we are and we would have been the same with them. I mean no one ever wants to lose but they are winners and the only extra bonus was the money but apart from that, they are complete winners and we want to share that with them and that’s why we are going to bring them to the gold coast.

Q: They were your best friends in the show. What was it like being up against them in the Grand Final? Do you think that made a difference? 

Daniella: Not at all. If anything, it was great to be up against them because it was like oh, it’s your besties, no one spoke bad of each other, we were always by each other’s side. If anything, me and Kate wanted to work together and ditch the boys.

Q: How will you ease back into normal life from now?

Daniella: We never really had a normal life prior to House Rules because we are very proactive, very outdoorsy, and I guess that’s how we ended up buying a property and all that kind of stuff. So for us now, we just want to sit back for at least a week or so, but our sitting back is still being really proactive because I’m just not good with staying in the house, sitting around. I have to be like, “Right, what are we doing? Who can we call, where can we go? Where’s the next adventure for us and who knows where that will be?” We will soon find that out. And I’m sure we will have another chat.

This article was first published by Who.

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