Former House Rules star Maddi Wright tells of her heartbreaking birth experience

'This is the horrific part of birth no one warns you about.'

Former House Rules contestant Maddi Wright has spoken candidly of the brutal reality of childbirth, and it’s not for those faint of heart!

The new mother-of-two and her husband Lloyd welcomed their second-child – Marlow – in October last year. 

Penning an incredibly honest account of the process for Kidspot, the reality TV star said she gave birth naturally to her son following eight hours of labour.

‘My second birth was pure horror. It was like being in one of those bad dreams that you can’t wake up from – watching and feeling your body being torn in half while a human moves through it and doctors shove, rip, tear and stitch you up,’ she wrote.

‘I felt his body slide hard up against my spinal cord and lower back. The pain was tremendous. I was in that much pain that my body resorted to dry reaching.

‘I felt where my abdominal muscles had separated. I felt blood vessels in my eyeballs pop. I felt my vagina tear down the middle as I pushed him out.’

Her traumatic ordeal was swiftly forgotten once she cradled her bundle of joy – but the worst was yet to come.

She was taken into an operating theatre to undergo a ‘manual procedure’ after doctors found the placenta was not detaching.

Before she could even take a minute to herself to relax, Maddi said she endured excruciating pain from getting a needle injection into her spine. 

She was then given an epidural to numb her lower back so they could remove the placenta.

Breaking down in tears, Maddi recalled feeling an ‘arm in my torso wrenching at the placenta to rip it away from my body’.

The terrified mother said she was then wheeled back into the birth suite to see her baby boy again after being stitched up.

‘The nightmares that happen post-birth are haunting. There’s no shame in just admitting that you hated birth. I did,’ she said.

But despite the horror story, Maddi said the best part about childbirth was she got to finally meet her little man.

Other mothers were quick to praise Maddi, and share their own experiences of ‘traumatic’ births. 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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