House Rules: LLB gobsmacked by controversial challenge

'It is frighteningly fabulous!’

It was the design challenge that raised plenty of eyebrows – even among the other judges. But when Kate and Harry pulled off Laurence Llewelyn Bowen’s demand they include taxidermy in their home overhaul, even he was stunned by the way they controversially pulled it off.


In a huge design risk that saw them rocket straight into the finale, Kate and Harry included a stuffed peacock as a wall-mounted feature. And their efforts helped earn them the perfect score.


‘I genuinely thought there would be a discrete little glass dome, maybe with a pretty bird in it,’ admitted LLB when he was confronted by the in-your-face display, which sits above the bed.

‘Or if they were being boring, there would be a moose head or something, but there I am on the wall,’ he said – jokingly comparing his own flamboyant style with that of the notoriously showy bird.

‘They have literally taken me and mounted me above the bed, and it is frighteningly fabulous!’

This article first published on New Idea.

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