House Rules: Fiery Fiona shares her side of the story

The divisive contestant reveals she's been the victim of something horrible.
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One of the most divisive reality TV competitors ever, fiery-haired Fiona has caused quite a stir on this season of House Rules.

Alongside her best friend and team-mate Nicole, Fiona’s explosive rows with rival contestants have garnered widespread fury from fans, with strangers even going so far as to create a Facebook group named ‘Fiona and Nicole House Rules hate page’.

(Credit: Channel 7)

The Victorian team has copped endless abuse online.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘I really wanna punch Fiona and Nicole from House Rules in the face.’


(Credit: Channel 7)

The 44-year-old mother-of-three has shrunk away from the spotlight, cautious to comment for fear of inflaming the situation.

But now, Fiona breaks her silence exclusively to New Idea, sharing her side of the story and how the fallout from the show has affected her life.

What’s your response to people saying you’re too harsh on the show? 

This is a competition where we had to give positive and negative feedback on the show, and what they choose to air is their decision.

Fiona on House Rules, channel 7
(Credit: Channel 7)

How have you felt about the negative response on social media?

At first, I was really emotional. But I’ve had to stop and ignore it and just focus on what’s important in life, which is my family and friends. There was someone on Facebook the other day who said they were going to hunt me down. We’ve even got our own hate page!

How has the backlash affected you?

People have actually posted my address online and people are turning up when I’m there, to the point where I can’t stay there.

For the full story, see this week’s New Idea – Out now.

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