House Rules stars’ divorce hell

The truth behind their hidden pain.
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When it comes to siblings, they don’t come much closer than these two!

As identical twins, WA boys Andrew and Jono have been inseparable since birth, forming a deep bond that’s made them a surprisingly strong force in the House Rulescompetition- despite their lack of renovation experience.

Over the years, Andrew and Jono have ridden the highs and lows together, including helping each other through their parents’ divorce as kids. 

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‘We were eight when our parents split,’ Jono tells New idea. ‘We were always close [as a family].’

Fortunately for the lads, now 28, their parents’ separation was reasonably smooth, largely thanks to this tight family bond. 

‘[Mum and Dad] were really good about it,’ Andrew says.

‘It did mean moving to a different school, and originally after complaining about the uniform – of all things – it turned out to be a good move and school. It did help having a twin brother moving schools, because you already had a friend.’

Jono agrees, adding: ‘I don’t think the separation affected us much at all, I think it helped that we’re very close so we always had each other.’

Andrew and Jono
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These days, The Mandurah-raised siblings still maintain the family ties, and all spend holidays and celebrations together.

‘We’re very close to both of our parents,’ Jono explains. ‘I have dinner with Dad every Monday and Mum every Thursday, and get the odd phone call in-between as well.’ 

House Rules airs Monday and Tuesday, 7.30pm, and then the Grand Final on Sunday, 7pm, Channel Seven. 

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