Horrifying images of woman who was left blinded and deformed by cosmetic fillers

'I felt like a monster’
The Doctors TV

Carol Bryan, 54, suffered for years after what was meant to be a minor cosmetic procedure caused her forehead to collapse.


The procedure involved injecting two different fillers, including silicone, into Carol’s forehead which turned out to be a tragic error.

Carol after corrective surgeryu
Carol’s corrective surgery made things worse. (Credit: The Doctors TV)

‘My face was blowing up and my forehead began to protrude out like an alien,’ she says on TV show The Doctors.


‘My forehead was becoming so heavy it started to affect my ability to see. I began to have to tape my eyes open to walk.’


Attempts to fix it only made things worse leaving Carol blinded in one eye, devastated, and contemplating suicide.

carol with her daughter sophie
Carol with her daughter, Sophie. (Credit: The Doctors TV)

‘I felt like a monster. I wore hats and scarves and sunglasses all the time, hoping I would someday finally be able to look in the mirror again and recognise myself,’ she says.


Surgeons were refusing to take on trying to repair the damage and it seemed she had no options left.


Carol’s daughter couldn’t bear to see her mum suffer so she set about finding a surgeon who would help.

Carol’s ordeal was ruining her life. (Credit: The Doctors TV)

Writing to doctors all across the United States, she eventually found Dr. Reza Jarrahy from UCLA and after several painful surgeries the results are impressive!

Dr Jarrahy had to perform several painful surgeries to help Carol. (Credit: The Doctors TV)

Dr Jarrahy operate several times to remove the excess filler, and then graft fat from Carol’s back to her face to reshape her features.


‘I’m extremely thankful for Dr Jarrahy who was the only surgeon in the country who would take my case as it was unprecedented. Very high risk, unknown risk,’ says Carol.


‘I want to make sure this didn’t happen to me in vain. I will work tirelessly not to let this happen to anyone again.’

Carol after surgery
Carol and Sophie on The Doctors (Credit: The Doctors TV)
(Credit: The Doctors TV)

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