Horrified mum finds a SYRINGE in her bub’s ugg boot

It looked like it had been used!
Suzi Meyer/Facebook

A shocked mum has taken to Facebook to share her disgusting discovery – a syringe in her baby’s ugg boot.

Suzi Meyer, from Farmborough Heights, NSW, bought two pairs of the boots from Warrawong’s Target store for her daughters Ember, 3, and Raven, 1. 

Ember wore the shoes immediately, but Suzi cut the tags off the smaller set for Raven a couple days later, according to The Mercury

“I was just sticking my hand in to check for any filling some shops use for new shoes, and I felt what I thought was one of those plastic sticks they put in shoes to hold their shape,” Suzi told The Mercury.

(Credit: Suzi Meyer/Facebook)

Suzi said she ‘froze’ when she found the syringe, which was wedged in the toe of the boot. 

She told The Mercury that an orange residue around the syringe’s lid made her think it had been used. 

The Mercury has sought comment from Target but has had no response. 

However, the forgiving mum said it wasn’t the company’s fault.

‘I’m not wanting to put any blame on Target, they have been lovely about it,’ Suzi told The Mercury. 

‘They replaced the shoes and gave my daughter a couple of little toys, which was very nice.’

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