Horrified customer finds DISGUSTING foetus-looking object in bottom of Aldi tomato juice

WARNING: The photos are officially gross.

A mum-of-two was completely disgusted after she found a weird object in the bottom of a carton of tomato juice she purchased from Aldi in Bristol, UK.

Jade Smith, 29, took a photo of the palm-sized object and posted it online. Wrinkled, with different textures, the gut-churning thing closely resembled a foetus – with Jade saying she reckoned she could even see an eye.

She immediately returned the juice but was dissatisfied with the customer service she received – which included an apology letter and a £10 voucher for Aldi.

The letter said the object was mould, and ‘not anything sinister’.

It also added: We have been unable to explain the exact cause of this incident, but it may have been caused by a breach in the packaging allowing air to enter.’

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