Home-invader gets the shock of his life when tradie housemates wake up and fight back

He didn't expect this!
7 News

Four Kiwi tradies were sleeping soundly in their Scarborough home in Perth when they woke to a stranger rummaging through their belongings.


“You wouldn’t think someone would actually have the guts to go through your house and be right next to you while you’re sleeping,” resident Logan Burke told  7 News.


After pinning him to the wall a skirmish ensued, leaving the intruder with a split eyebrow and bloody lip.

blood splatters on the floor
Blood was splattered across the house after the fight. (Credit: 7 News)

‘We just kind of dragged him back and then we just sat him back down here again.’


The tenants then gave their would-be-thief some water and washed his face while they waited for the police to arrive.


He was soon arrested and is currently in custody charged with burglary and assault.


The residents will not face charges as police consider their actions reasonable given the circumstances.

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