Internet loses it over new Blue Wiggle kids toy

This is TOO funny.
Getty Images/Instagram

The Internet has officially lost it, and it’s all thanks to a cheeky photograph of a blue Wiggles kids toy. 

The figurine version of the franchise’s longest-standing member, Anthony, was photographed grasping its ‘drumstick’ in a NSW department store. 

The image was shared all over social media after it was originally uploaded to Brown Cardigan’s Instagram with the caption, ‘Give it a Wiggle.’ 

Nano Martinez was the man behind the hilarious fail. 

Talking to DailyMail he said, ‘I just couldn’t help myself, I think the stick itself already looked a bit suspect.’ 

Martinez said he and his friends had a good laugh at their handiwork, took some photos and then replaced the doll to its original PG version. 

‘I took the picture and placed it back to his old kid-friendly self,’ he assured. 

Social media users were quick to join in on the fun.

One user wrote, ‘Now that’s how you wake up Jeff.’ 

‘This can’t be real,’ another added, while someone else said they were ‘glad it’s 18 months plus.’ 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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