Bride killed in horror helicopter crash

She was on her way to the wedding.

Brazilian Bride Rosemere do Nascimento Silva had hired a helicopter as a special surprise for her fiancé on her wedding day last year. Travelling with her brother, a photographer and pilot, Rosemere planned to show up at the altar via helicopter to surprise her the groom Udirley Damasceno, Fox News reports.

But Rosemere never made it to her ceremony and her fiance was left waiting at the altar. 

The helicopter carrying the bride crashed a kilometre and a half away from the wedding venue outside Sao Paul. All four passengers sadly lost their lives—including the photographer, who was six months pregnant. According to Nine News, the helicopter had run into bad weather during the flight.

A horror video that has been released as part of the subsequent investigation shows the bride’s final moments in the chopper before it crashed.

“Calm, calm, calm,” the pilot can be heard saying in the heartbreaking video, which we have decided to not share for distressing content.

Only six of the 300 wedding guests were aware that Rosemere had planned to show up in the helicopter. The chopper was discovered in a forest close to the wedding venue.

This article first published on Marie Claire.

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