Heartbreaking reason this five-year-old girl is getting married

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A terminally ill five-year-old girl has had her dream wedding ceremony with her best friend.

Eileidh Paterson, who has was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, neuroblastoma, in 2014, was joined by hundreds of people as she ‘married’ six-year-old Harrison Grier in a fairytale themed ceremony over the weekend.

Speaking to The Sun, Harrison’s dad, Billy Grier, said: “Harrison had never been to a wedding before so this was all new to him.”

“But it was a beautiful ceremony and he enjoyed every minute. He was quite excited to do it. Ever since he met Eileidh, they have been inseparable.” 

His mother, Stefanie Grier agreed: “The two of them just have this magical bond. Harrison has always said that he loves her and that he wanted to marry her.”

“Harrison doesn’t really like to play dress up or anything like that but Eileidh has this way of convincing him.”

“She has been telling all the nurses that she has a boyfriend and that they are going to get married.”

Close friends and family gathered in a meeting room at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, as the children held hands and exchanged necklaces.

A lone piper got the event under way and was followed to a makeshift altar by a procession of costumed superheroes and princesses.

Eileidh was walked into the room by her older brother Callum, to ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’ from Disney film Pinocchio. Her sister Cerys, then read a poem which ended with the words “even if we are apart, I will always be with you”.

The pair then exchanged St Christopher’s necklaces to signify the journey that they had been on together. 

And after they were officially declared “best friends forever”, Eileidh and Harrison exited the auditorium where they celebrated with fairy-floss.

Gail explained that Eileidh condition was quite flat on Saturday after having blood transfusions, which raised concerns she may not be able to enjoy her big day.

 “She was just extremely drained, but she was like a different girl during the ceremony.” She said.

“The spectacle of it really perked her up, she was in her absolute element getting to play with other kids and have fun.

“These are going to be lasting memories.”

Eileigh’s family are fundraising to be able to complete the five-year-old’s bucket list before she dies. To donate, head here.

This article was first published on Marie Claire.

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