Heartbreaking story of three-year-old found alone with his mum’s body, two days after she’d died

‘I can’t wake mummy.’

A single mum with severe asthma tragically passed away in her sleep, leaving her toddler son alone in the house with her body for two days.

When Jodi-Ann, hadn’t heard from her best friend, Lydia Macdonald, in a few days she thought it was unusual, so she contacted Lydia’s mum Linda and said she’d go round and check.

When she arrived she found Mason apparently alone, the three-year-old opened the door for Jodi-Ann who then found Lydia laying in her bed. She was clutching her inhaler, and wasn’t breathing.

It’s reported that she passed out from an asthma attack and stopped breathing in her sleep.

Mason was rushed to hospital and treated for dehydration. The Sun reports that he survived the two days by eating a block of cheese from the fridge.

Lydia had suffered from severe asthma for most of her life. Her mother Linda says that despite this she was raised to be independent.

‘Lydia was always sensible about her condition and always carried an inhaler. We taught her to be independent and after leaving school at 16 she trained to be a hairdresser,’ she says.

Lydia met Bobby Martin, and together they had Mason. However when Mason was only 8 months old, tragedy struck, and Bobby died suddenly.

Linda says Lydia had nearly died months earlier from an asthma attack and had begged her daughter to move home with her, but she didn’t want to give up her independence and thought she would be okay.

Mason has been taken in by his grandparents and will be loved and cared for by his mother’s friends and family.

‘We are now bringing up Mason and tell him every day that now his mummy is with daddy and they’re both the brightest stars in the sky — and despite everything he’s doing fantastically.’

Jodi-Ann says no one knows how bad asthma can be, so that’s why she’s sharing the tragic story of Lydia Macdonald.

The family have started a Facebook group called the Lydia Macdonald tribute fund for Asthma Research UK.

‘We hope by sharing Lydia’s story it can save at least one other person’s life.’

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