Google Maps causes a DIVORCE after wife caught ‘cheating’ on camera

She was seen 'cuddling' another man.
Google Maps

A husband has divorced his wife after discovering pictures of her ‘cheating’ with another man on Google Maps.

The man, from the city of Lima in Peru, was mapping out a route when he zoomed in on two people sitting on a bench, according to The Mirror.

He noticed the woman was wearing an outfit strikingly similar to one his wife owned.

Upon closer inspection, the man realised it actually was his wife stroking the hair of an unknown male.

Horrified, he allegedly confronted his wife and provided the ‘evidence’ of her infidelity.

The woman reportedly admitted to having an affair and the couple later divorced.

Google Maps is a haven of weird and wacky images and it is not the first time someone has been caught red-handed on it.

Unsuspecting citizens have been pictured in the middle of robberies, publicly urinating and even walking around in the nude. 

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