Gogglebox favourites Stacey and Grant become GRANDPARENTS at just 35

The more the merrier!

Already running out of couch space with their brood of six kids, the Jackson family have welcomed one more – the newborn baby girl being born to their eldest son Corey, 18, and his girlfriend Tanya!

Their family’s latest addition, Norah, was born just after Christmas and makes mum Stacey a grandmother at just 35 with hubby of 15 years, Grand, a pop at only 36.

Young parents themselves, Grant and Stacey recall it wasn’t easy.

‘We got judged big time when we had you,’ Stacey said in an episode of Gogglebox. ‘I remember one person saying to me one time, you’ve got three of them, are they all from the same father?’

Grant told New Idea last year he was shocked when his son told him the news, but they were also delighted.

Stacey said: ‘it was after that moment I had this feeling of love for this little person I hadn’t met yet but who was going to make a very special addition to our family’s lives.’

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