7-year-old thanks mum and dad for staying with her during her chemo in heart wrenching video

She's the sweetest girl.
Andrew Brown

A little girl fighting cancer captured hearts when she was photographed with just a single eyelash earlier this month.

Now little seven-year-old Hayley Brown has made a video of her journey through radiotherapy following months of chemotherapy.

Her dad Andrew has shared a moving video of her dressed up as batman and going to attend her treatment.

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In the video Hayley and her family attend the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. At the end of the clip Hayley whispers in her father’s ear that she also wants to thank her “mummy and daddy” for taking turns to stay overnight in hospital with her.


Hayley was diagnosed with cancer in June after doctors found a five-centimetre tumour growing inside her nose.

Source: New Idea

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