Former football player allegedly murdered wife by slashing her throat

The details are disturbingly chilling.

A former professional football player has been charged with murder after allegedly slashing his wife’s throat, reports claim.

Anthony McClanahan, 46, a lineback who was signed by the Dallas Cowboys but never appeared in a game, was detained as the primary suspect in his wife Keri ‘KC’ McClanahan’s death on November 2. 

According to charging documents obtained by PEOPLE, an unnamed person called 911 after allegedly seeing McClanahan crawling through the hallways of the Park Regency condominiums in Park City, Utah, on his stomach, screaming for help.

An officer who was nearby arrived and allegedly found McClanahan outside the building, with no shoes or socks, crawling around on the ground.

According to the documents, McClanahan laid on his stomach as officers approached and began convulsing, and then began moving back and forth across the ground.

The former NFL player allegedly told police that two or three men assaulted him, his wife and ‘his baby’ but reportedly refused to tell officers where his wife was. 

Police eventually located her, and she was ‘unresponsive and covered in blood.’

Keri McClanahan, 28, had numerous cuts to the front, back, and sides of her neck, as well as other defensive wounds and carpet burns, state the documents.

Keri was killed with a paracord knife she wore around her wrist for protection, the documents state.

McClanahan is still being held in the Salt Lake County jail, where he has been held without bail since being detained earlier this month.

It was unclear Tuesday if McClanahan has retained an attorney. He has not yet entered a plea.

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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