Incest horror discovered after mum gives birth to ill baby

The baby was reportedly born with ‘several medical problems’.
Lake County Sheriff's Office

A 33-year-old mother has been charged with incest in the U.S. after it was alleged that a DNA test found her child’s father to be a close family member.

The Florida mum gave birth four months ago and according to an arrest affidavit retrieved by PEOPLE was born with ‘several medical problems’. 

incest crime
(Credit: Lake County Sheriff’s Office)

Pauline Elizabeth Martin first came to authorities’ attention when she did not fill out important paperwork for her child to be placed in a safe home for her child’s medical condition.

After further investigation, Genetic testing was conducted on the baby and the test reportedly found ‘the baby to have parents that are close relatives’. 

When Martin was questioned by Lake County Sheriff’s Office officers, she allegedly revealed that her infant’s father is in fact her brother. She allegedly then went on to confess that she and her brother had been living together as an item for five years. According to the affidavit, the mother was planning to end the relationship but said she had sexual intercourse with her brother just the night before being interviewed by police officials. 

It is believed Martin kicked a detective and spat at an officer during her arrest on Thursday.

She is yet to enter a plea to incest and arrest resistance charges.

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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