Five-year-old ‘marries’ best friend hours before she dies

Her parents were determined to make her last wish come true

Little Mary Massey always dreamed of marrying her best friend Damien.

Despite suffering from cystic fibrosis and chronic pneumonia all her life, the little girl had  been planning the special day since she was two.

So when Mary’s parents were told Mary didn’t have much longer to live, they decided to fulfil her wish.

Last Thursday evening Mary “married” her friend in a ceremony complete with Micky and Minnie Mouse rings. The pair enjoyed cake and Mary’s parents took a pic of the best friend lying next to one another holding hands on Mary’s hospital bed.

Hours later the little girl died in her mother’s arms. 

Damien and Mary hold hands
(Credit: Facebook)
They had matching Mickey Mouse rings
(Credit: Facebook)

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