A first look at the heartwarming show Koala Rescue

Simply adorable!

People across the world were heartbroken to see the devastating photos of koalas affected by the Australia bushfires this summer.

Thousands of our iconic Aussie animal were left dead or seriously injured.

This Sunday, Seven is showcasing the everyday heroes who rescued and treated the koalas.

Koala Rescue airs this Sunday, 7pm, on Seven.

Koala on Koala Rescue
(Credit: Channel 7)

How you can help:

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

A GoFundMe page has been set up by the hospital to help rehabilitate the koalas and their habitat.

If you find a sick or injured koala, call the 24-hour rescue hotline on (02) 6584 1522.

Koalas in care

Check out the group’s Facebook page. They rescue and rehabilitate koalas around Taree and nearby mid-north coast.

You can also donate here.


The NSW Wildlife Informations, Rescue and Education Service is renowned for helping all wildlife. 

You can donate here.


For Australian Wildlife Needing Aid is another organisation that cares for all Aussie animals.

You can donate here.

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