Firefighters rescue girl, 12, after hide-n-seek game goes horribly wrong

Fire Chief says he's 'never seen anything like it'

Firefighters were called to the rescue when a 12-year-old girl playing hide and seek became stuck in a folding sofa bed.

The girl was at home, playing with a friend who was also 12, when she decided to lay on the mattress of the sofa, fold it up, and put it back in the couch.

She soon realised, however, that she was stuck. And while her friend found her okay, she was not strong enough to pull her out.

Firefighters and EMS crews were called to the scene where they managed to pull the bed out and free the girl.


Firefighters rescue girl from couch
It took around 2 minutes to free the girl.

‘It’s a situation where those sofa beds can be awkward and heavy to begin with, Fire Chief AG Moore of Colonial Heights told WTVR.

‘When you have a child in there, it takes a lot to pull her out with the additional weight.’

Moore added that he had ‘never seen anything like it.’

No one was injured in the incident.

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