House Rules: what Fiona really thinks of her house

She's been called ‘TV’s most ungrateful woman’.
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She was slammed for being ungrateful after saying her new home looked like a ‘junk shop.’

But House Rules star Fiona insists she appreciates what all the other contestants have done for her.

“I’m the luckiest woman in Australia,” she tells New Idea.

“I have this beautiful new home – I’m so blessed to have received that.

Her original house northwest of Melbourne — a tin structure with a view towards the Grampian Ranges – was knocked down in the first renovation of the season.  

“I didn’t have running water or sewerage before the reno,” the 44-year-old explains.

“It wasn’t habitable.” 

But despite her initial “disappointment” at seeing her property destroyed, the single mum-of-two admits she has “no regrets” about appearing on the show with best friend Nicole.

Fiona and Nicole on House Rules

“There are things I would do differently, but I don’t regret entering the competition,” she confesses. “It’s been something that has been truly amazing for me.”

“And it’s all thanks to Nic. She’s been my backbone through this.” 

“I’ll never be able to repay her for that,” she adds.

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This article first published on New Idea.

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