Feisty 88-year-old woman wards off rapist by claiming she was HIV positive

‘I have HIV and my husband died from it!’ she lied.

When an intruder broke into the home of this 88-year-old woman she was terrified.

Helen Reynolds, from Pennsylvania, USA, says that the man broke into her apartment and tied her up with duct tape.

He stole money from her home, and then took her clothing off and forced her onto the bed.

Speaking with CBS she explained how it was her brain, not her physical strength, that saved her from being raped by her attacker.

I said to him, ‘Well it’s like this, you might as well know the truth,’ she began.


‘I have HIV and my husband died from it.’

‘When I said that he just walked out of the bedroom. That’s the comment that saved my life.’

She was then able to chew through her duct tape gag and escape to her neighbour.

Police are searching for the man responsible for the attack.

Helen knows what she wants to happen when her assailant is caught:

‘ Put him in jail, and leave the sucker there.’


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