Father of four leaves series of heartbreaking notes to his wife and sons before dying of brain tumour

‘Thank you all for been part of my adventure’

A family man  spent final weeks writing emotional letters to his family before dying exactly a month after being diagnosed with three brain tumours.

Richard Moss, 39, fell ill just before Christmas.

‘He felt sharp pain when he stood up,’ his widow, Lisa, told Hull Daily Mail. ‘On January 7, exactly a month before he died, he woke up at 3am and was vomiting.’

She drove him to hospital where doctors found three tumours in his brain – two of which were considered inoperable. He was started on chemotherapy, and had surgery to remove the third tumour, but a month later he died.

He spent that time writing letters to his family. The couple have a son together, Anakin, 12, also Lincoln, Rich’s son, and Lisa’s two kids, Chavez and Brody, from previous relationships.

‘Rich’s last words were full of love. His advice to his children was just to make the most of their lives, be happy and have a positive impact on the lives of others,’ Lisa says.

‘What would you write if you knew you were dying? What must have been going through his mind knowing those would be the last he wrote?

‘I will remember him as someone who was always there with a smile and a cuddle.’

Lisa has shared a full letter that Richard wrote just before he died, aged only 39.

Richard’s final, unedited letter

My Adventure

Firstly id like to give a big thank you to my mum and dad for starting my adventure

I think a round of applause is warranted.

Thank you to my brother for been my mischievous playmate from been young to all in in to our 30ies and beyond. Good times.

During my adventure I met some truly fantastic people on the way, who have made a positive impact in my life and should be here today. This may have been doing something as simple as putting a smile on my face, a hug or just a chat.

Lisa you have been the best adventure team mate possible. From the first time I met you I knew you were the one. I’ve never met a more caring, compassionate and loveable lady.

My four sons keep strong for each other and your mum. You’ve made me so proud each one of you and you can achieve all you want in your adventure, just be happy.

You all have your adventure to continue with. Make the most of it as you never know what challenges are round the corner. Make those positive impacts to others life’s to make their adventure in life more happy and memorable for the right reasons.

Thank you all for been part of my adventure I’ve enjoyed every moment.

Love you all! And hugs all round.


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