Horrified family who found catheter in ice-cream to be tested for HIV

They gathered to celebrate a new baby when a sickening thing happened.

An entire family have been told to be tested for HIV, and Hepatitis A, B, and C after they all shared a bucket of ice-cream which turned out to contain a piece of a catheter.

The family from Quebec had gathered to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, and were sharing the dessert when the new grandfather felt something in his mouth that wasn’t a nut, chocolate or piece of caramel.

Spitting it out it was discovered to be the tip of syringe that forms part of a catheter. Horrifyingly, it appeared to be darkened at the tip – but the family couldn’t tell if it was blood or caramel.

Horrified family member, Carole-Anne Christofferson, told Radio-Canada: ‘He put it in his mouth and found the tip of syringe.

‘He’s the worst off, the most affected. He’s not even able to speak about it.’

CBC report that the family then contacted the health line who told the family to all get testing for blood-borne diseases HIV, and Hepatitis A, B and C. They would also need repeat tests done over the next six months.!/fileImage/httpImage/image.JPG

The owner of Coaticook- who make the ice-cream – said an internal investigation is underway.

‘We have so many internal controls here and in food production in general that having something like that show up in a food item, it’s not normal.’

The family say they will not rule out taking legal action.

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