Extraordinary gesture by family of man he killed to death row prisoner

The victim’s family showed an incredible amount of compassion to the man who killed their father.
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Prisoner Kenneth Williams was fortunate enough to be reunited with his granddaughter and daughter in the lead up to the execution.

But what was extraordinary about their get-together was that the family of one of his victim’s footed the bill for their flights.

Kayla Greenwood says she has forgiven Williams for her father’s death, who was killed when the inmate crashed into him after fleeing from a crime.

Williams was in prison in Varner for murder when he managed to escape. Just kilometers away from the prison, he shot and killed Carl Boren before getting into a police chase. During the chase, he hit Greenwood’s car and killed him.

In an extraordinary turn of events, Greenwood’s wife bought plan tickets for Williams’ daughter and granddaughter to fly from Washington state to Arkansas so they could see him ahead of his execution.

‘I told him we forgive him and where I stood on it,’ explained Ms Greenwood to the Springfield News-Leader.

‘When he found out that we are bringing his daughter and granddaughter to see him and that my mom and dad bought the tickets, he was crying to the attorney.’

Williams was executed by lethal injection at the Cummins Unit prison at Varner.


He was the fourth inmate to be executed in a week.

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