3-month-old baby’s face slashed when shower screen explodes

Shocked mum shares story as a warning to others.
Emma Henderson

Sydney mum, Emma Henderson, had ‘the biggest shock’ when her shower screen exploded over her son Eddie Jai, leaving him with cuts to his face.

Emma posted pictures to the Facebook group – Mummy Madness – warning other mums about the dangers of glass shower screens.

The bathroom was covered in shattered glass
The bathroom was covered in shattered glass (Credit: Emma Henderson)

‘Please be careful about leaving your little ones around glass… We just had the biggest shock.

‘I am making this post to warn other mums. I put my three-month-old little boy into the shower in his little seat so he was away from the tanning machine. I thought I was doing the right thing and keeping him safe but a few minutes later the whole shower screen exploded while he was sitting in the bottom of the shower.  

‘Thank god the ambulance have just left and once his cuts were cleaned they appeared to be superficial. Little man is sleeping now but it could have been so much worse.

‘The force of the screen exploding has cut the wood around his bouncer. Our hearts are still recovering from the shock.’

Dramatic photos posted by Emma show a bathroom covered with glass shards. Eddie Jai’s bouncer was also filled with pieces of glass.

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