Experts reveal the best time of day to shower

You may be surprised.
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It turns out there is a perfect time to shower each day – and it doesn’t body well for those who prefer washing in the morning!

According to Nancy Rothstein, who calls herself The Sleep Ambassador, evening is the best time of day for a scrub down.

“If you like to shower in the morning, do it,” she told Fox News

“But definitely shower at night. It’s so important to go to bed clean, and it separates the day from the night.”

Rothstein believes it’s important people go to bed feeling clean.

“When you get into bed, you should feel clean. You’ve been out and about all day – why would you want to get into bed like that?,” she says.

However, there are benefits to showering in the morning.

“A morning shower allows for time to meditate and regroup before starting a long or hectic day,” said Mona Gohara, MD, associate clinical professor of dermatology at the Yale School of Medicine. 

“This mindfulness can decrease inflammation in the skin by keeping levels of a hormone called cortisol capped.” 

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