92-year-old woman allegedly kills son for ‘putting her in home’

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

An elderly woman has been charged for allegedly killing her son for trying to put her in an aged care facility.

The 92-year-old, named Anna Mae Blessing from Arizona is said to have shot her 72-year-old son in the face and neck.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that the incident occurred on Tuesday after ‘contemplating for several days her son’s intentions to place her in an assisted living facility’.

She allegedly told police that she confronted her son in the bedroom before pulling a handgun out and shooting him multiple times.

Anna Mae Blessing
Anna Mae Blessing (Credit: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office)

According to police, her son’s girlfriend was also in the room during the horrific incident and reportedly fought with Blessing over the weapon before she finally dropped it.

Following the heated exchange, Blessing allegedly pulled out a second handgun and directly aimed it at her son’s girlfriend. The 57-year-old woman although managed to knock the gun out of Blessing’s hand.

Court documents obtained by Arizona Family detailed that police officials found the elderly woman sitting in her recliner chair when arriving at the scene.

Blessing has since been charged with one count of murder in the first degree, one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of kidnapping.

Following the tragic events, the arresting officer said in a statement: ‘The suspect was asked what she thinks should happen to her, which she replied she should be ‘put to sleep’ as a result of her actions’.

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