Architect-designed floating house can split in two and drift apart

The house that breaks up when you do.
OBA Studio

Dutch architectural firm, Studio OBA, have designed a floating house that can split into two separate dwellings in the event of a divorce.

Dubbed ‘prenuptial housing’, the building fits together like Tetris pieces to make one home, but can detach and drift apart if the same thing happens to their owners.

The prenuptial house by OBA Studio is made of different units that can fit together
The house can break into separate units, or reunite as often as the couple does. (Credit: OBA Studio)

Say you have an on-again-off-again relationship with your significant other? Never fear – the pieces can reconnect as many times as you do.

It might be tricky to convince your beloved, however. Nothing says romance than a house read-made for your break-up!

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