Sex shop raises $19,000 for drought-stricken farmers

Jonas Nordberg/Unsplash

We all should be doing our bit to help drought-stricken Aussie farmers.

But Canberra’s Deborah Avery has gone above and beyond! 

The owner of online sex-shop The Pleasure Box has raised a whopping $19,000 for drought-stricken dairy farmers Rowan and Isabel Megel, according to The Chronicle.

Incredibly, she raised the funds from selling ‘bovine-themed sex toys’ such as cow-print vibrators. 

 Rowan, a third generation dairy farmer, and his wife Isabel, hadn’t been able to grow crops to feed their cows and were in the process of selling their herd to cover bills. 

‘It’s so wonderful that someone who doesn’t even know you reaches out and is prepared to help you,’ Rowan told The Chronicle. 

At first, the couple were a bit surprised at how the cash was being raised. 

‘We are very Christian but she has a heart of gold and who are we to judge,’ Isabel said. 

To donate visit Rolling in the Hay 

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