Horrifying footage of driver’s ute flipping over caught on dash cam

Dash Cam Owners Australia/Facebook

If there’s a time for this ute driver to buy a Lotto ticket, it’s now.

The Nissan Navara driver was filmed calmly stepping out of the cab after a horror rollover which was captured on dash cam last week.

The footage, filmed by a driver in the opposite lane, shows the blue ute career over the grassed median strip before rolling three times, throwing parts of the battered ute on to the road.

As traffic is brought to a halt by the debris, a Toyota Camry driver rushes to help the crash driver.

Incredibly, a man is seen calmly stepping out of the cab, having appeared to have escaped serious injury.

Astonished social media users say the driver was lucky to survive.

car flip
(Credit: Dash Cam Owners Australia/Facebook)

“Props to that Navara for taking that roll like a champ. He needs to write a big thank you to Nissan for building a strong car because that should have ended so much worse,” Facebook user Allan Hutton wrote.

While others appeared more shocked at the dash cam owner’s chilled out reaction to the crash.

“Is Ivon a mute,” Facebook user asked.

“Seriously not a f… word from the Dash Cam Car.”

“Leave him alone, he was enjoying his audio book,” Duane Reilly responded.

This article originally appeared on PerthNow.

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