Dreamworld fans come to theme park’s defense after emergency stop goes viral

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Earlier today a story on Dreamworld’s Buzzsaw rollercoaster went viral when it stopped mid-ride, with passengers left dangling horizontally from a sheer vertical climb.

The theme park posted a status immediately, explaining that the stop was an automatic safety feature that is triggered by weather or guest behaviour among other things, and shouldn’t be worried about.

After being forced to explain the routine safety feature of the ride, Dreamworld fans have leapt to the theme park’s defense, with over 100 comments saying the theme park is copping unfair criticism and are doing the right things. 

The park’s fans immediately commented on the post, amazed that Dreamworld have to explain themselves continuously. Dreamworld graciously thanked the commenters for their support:


The Gold Coast theme park has experienced extreme scrutiny since the tragic events on the Thunder River Rapids ride in 2016 which caused the death of four people.

The ride has since been dismantled, with all other rides on the park being closed until confirmed safe by an independent investigator.

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