I’m a SEX GURU at 88!

An unexpected turn of events transformed this studious senior into a sexpert!
Andrew Nagy

An Aussie grandmother and former midwife has bared all to that’s life! about her journey from bashful retiree to proud senior sex guru and author.

Doreen Wendt-Weir, 88, had an amazing career working as a midwife. But when she was  71 her days of delivering babies had ended and she decided to head back to uni to study journalismm.

While studying she learned not much research had been done about sex and ageing, but Doreen who describes herself as ‘conservative and a little timid’ was reluctant to go there.

‘I never discussed such things!’ she laughs, recalling her days in the classroom.

Doreen as a midwife in the 1940s, and after she graduated with honours in her 70s. (Credit: Doreen Wendt-Weir)

After graduating with honours, Doreen’s interest was piqued and she started looking for interviewees. But she was certain no one would want to spill the beans to ‘sweet little Doreen’.

‘I decided to adopt a new, classier personality,’ explains Doreen. ‘So I became Evangeline. My elderly subjects would tell her everything!’

With the help of ‘Evangeline’, Doreen has heard all about the unique ins-and-outs of sex for seniors

‘Some people like to think us oldies have lost their libidos,’ she laughs. ‘They’re wrong!’

One man she spoke to told a horror story about trying to impress a younger lover and being stuck with the effects of Viagra for two whole weeks.

Another woman was baffled as to what to do with her dentures when things started getting steamy.

‘Now their false teeth sit side-by-side in matching glasses,’ Doreen smiles.

Doreen signing books after giving a talk
Doreen signing copies of her book. (Credit: Doreen Wendt-Weir)

After interviewing dozens of seniors about their sex lives, Doreen included 33 of them in her book: Sex in Your Seventies. She also has appeared on television and shared her expert advice on radio.

‘I’m one sexy senior!’ she says. ‘And I’m proud of it!’

Read more about Doreen – and other great real Aussie stories – in Issue 8 of that’s life!

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