Vaginal birth may be natural, but that doesn’t mean it’s best for you

Doctors encouraged to make sure women know the risks.

Earlier this month the internet went nuts for a Melbourne woman who gave birth without a midwife in a stream in the Daintree Rainforest. Her reasoning? It’s more natural.

It’s often assumed vaginal birth is the best and most natural way for little ones to come into the world – but doctors are now questioning whether we should be giving more support to caesarean delivery.

This has all come about because of a ruling in the UK Supreme Court in 2015 which effectively meant pregnant patients need to be made aware of all the risks of the different methods of delivery so they can make an informed choice.

Doctor discusses options with pregnant woman
Doctors need to make sure women know all the risks. (Credit: Getty)

With women having children later in life, and caesarean delivery becoming safer, giving birth via c-section is becoming increasingly common to avoid dangerous complications.

Roughly on in five births intended to be vaginal births end up in emergency Caesarean surgery – which according to the Daily Mail article is more dangerous than a planned Caesarean.

Newborn holding mum's hand
(Credit: Getty)

Vaginal birth, while considered more natural, is not without its dangers including tearing, blood loss, and haemorrhage. Added to that, enduring a prolonged labour can cause intense distress to the mother, and increased anxiety with future births.

Delivery via C-section is not a perfect solution for these problems either. As with each Caesarean scarring can lead to complications.

Let’s just say it’s not all rainforests, beads, and streams for most mothers!

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