Disturbing instructions to office workers after toilet blocked

Brenda deserves a raise!

A set of instructions left to employees at this office has details quite horrifying instructions on how to cope with the blocked toilet.


Posted above the cistern, the typed page reasonably asks office workers to not use that toilet, explaining that it is blocked.

Thankfully there are other toilets in the car park, and the plumber will be around to fix the toilet in the morning.

If that note had simply ended there, as it really could have done, then it would be hardly anything to write and article about and post online now would it? 

Lucky us – we’re in it for the next line which explains what to do if it looks like the car park loos are a bit too far away…  

‘In case of emergencies, please wrap your stools in newspaper and leave on your desk.’

Excuse me?! 

‘Brenda will come round with her trolley and collect them at 5.30pm.’ 

Brenda – you deserve a medal.

The image was originally posted to Twitter by a man whose friend worked in the hapless clogged-bog office. And of course, Twitter couldn’t let this one go.

Dear Brenda – you deserve a raise!

This article first published on New Idea.

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