Devastated father digs grave for terminally ill daughter to ‘prepare her for death’

The heartbreaking story has gone around the globe
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A heartbroken father has dug a grave for his critically ill daughter to prepare her for the time when she passes away.

Chinese farmer, Zhang Liyong, and his wife have spent all their savings on treatment for two-year-old Zhang Ixinlei, who has a serious blood disorder.

Zhang Xinlei was diagnosed with congenital Thalassemias when she was just two months old. But now her parents unable to fund her medical costs, her days are limited.

‘We borrowed money from many, but they are no longer willing to lend us more,’ Mr Zhang told local media.

Now, the devastated father takes his little girl to the grave not far from her home every few days to make sure she won’t be scared when the time comes.

‘I could only come up with this idea – bringing her to play at this place. This is where she will rest in peace. All I can do is accompanying her every day,’ Mr Zhang said.

According to recent reports, money is now being raised for more treatment, but only time will tell if Zhang Xinlei can be saved.

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