Horrified mum witnesses livestream of daycare worker slamming her toddler on the ground

The footage has shocked parents the world over
Facebook: Amber Rose Mchenry

Alarming footage of a daycare worker slamming an 18-month-old boy face down on the ground has shocked parents all over the globe.

Surveillance cameras at The Children’s Courtyard daycare centre in Texas captured former employee, Jazmine Torres, as she picked up the toddler by the arms, before slamming him onto his mat to get him to sleep.

Thankfully, the footage was being monitored by the child’s mother, Caitlin Gilmore, while she took her lunch break at work.

Rushing to collect her son, Gilmore’s colleagues stepped in to help by capturing the live stream on their iPhones.

Taking him straight to hospital, Gilmore was informed that her son hadn’t been injured by the incident.

The video has since been shared by Gilmore’s friend, Amber Mchenry, on Facebook, where it’s attracted hundreds of comments from infuriated parents.

‘What is WRONG with these people?’ wrote one user. ‘She needs to be in jail,’ commented another.

Police have since issued a warrant for Torres’ arrest, while the daycare centre have said she is no longer employed at the facility.

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