Daughter of Aussie serial killer David Birnie haunted by murderous father’s actions

She says she’s avoided relationships because of it.

The daughter of notorious Western Australian serial killer David Birnie says she knew her father as a loving man until the truth of his evil deeds was ‘dropped like nuke’ when she was 10.

Speaking to Seven’s Murder Uncovered, Birnie’s daughter Tanya (whose surname isn’t revealed), says knowledge of her father’s crimes has even made her unwilling to get into relationships.

‘I don’t wanna spawn another David Birnie,’ she said. ‘If I have kids, I don’t wanna pass on those genes.’

Breaking her silence after 30 years, Tanya tells of the moment she found out her father was a serial killer. 

‘There’s a distinct line where I was this carefree child up until about 10 years old and then there was this child who very quickly started protecting herself.’

Tanya feared that if people found out who her father was it would put her in danger from people seeking revenge against David Birnie.

David Birnie killed himself while serving a prison sentence for murder. Catherine Birnie, his lover and accomplice in the crimes, is up for parole after spending the last 30 years in prison.


Catherine birnie
Catherine Birnie is up for parole this year. (Credit: Channel 7)

Tanya is calling for her to not be released.

‘She gave the four women who died, [their] parents and friends life sentences, she gave her five children a life sentence, she gave me and my mother a life sentence. None of us get parole, why should she?’

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