Baby girl has had 3 name changes in 18 months when new mum can’t make up her mind

Dad turns to the internet for advice.

A dad has turned to the internet for advice after his wife re-names their baby three times in the year and half since her birth.

Explaining the situation online at Reddit, the dad says at their girl’s birth they decided on one name which is her legal name, and ‘everything is roses’.

However, not long after, mum became unhappy with their choice.

‘At the three month mark, my wife says she feels weird about the name because: ‘It’s too common, it doesn’t feel right, it seems like the wrong name,’’ he explains

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Picking a second name, the family continues on until at 18 months mum finds a third name that she thinks is even better than the first two.

The dad decided not to reveal the names for the sake of his family’s privacy.

Those who read his story were quick to reply.

‘She’s going to confuse the hell out of her own daughter if she starts calling her by a new name,’ one Reddit user wrote.

Babies are thought to start identifying with their names from between 5 and 7 months, leading some people to worry for the little girl who could become frustrated. It’s also confusing for friends and relatives.

Hopefully mum makes up her mind soon!

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