Dad killed when showing kids how to do backflip

It was a freak accident.
7 News

A widow who lost her husband in a freak backflip accident has opened up about coping with the sudden loss of her husband.


Father-of-three, Chris Leggett, 37, lost his life suddenly when doing a backflip for a group of children over Easter weekend. He had apparently done backflips before, but this time tragically landed badly and broke his neck.

His wife, Rachael, 35, shared with 7 News that the hardest part is explaining to their three children that their dad isn’t coming home.


Chris Leggett
Chris Leggett (Credit: 7 News)

People keep saying, ‘he’s still there with you’, but explain that to a three-year-old when he asks when Daddy is coming back from the sky,’ she says.

She says she had no doubt when she saw her husband after the fall that the accident was fatal.

Rachael Leggett
Rachael Leggett (Credit: 7 News)

‘I just looked at him and knew he’d gone,’ she said.

She begs parents to make and cherish memories with loved ones, because you never know when they’ll be gone.

‘He’s just left a hole that can’t be filled in our lives.

Chris Leggett
Rachael says parents need to make beautiful memories while they can. (Credit: 7 News)

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