Customers completely ignore dead body while queueing for cronuts

We donut believe it!

Who doesn’t love a cronut? The flaky, sweet, buttery texture is what you get when you combine a donut with a croissant – and since 2013 the world has gone absolutely gaga for them!

Makes sense then that the Dominique Ansel Bakery – the famed birthplace of the cronut – is frequently host to a massive queue of customers desperate to taste the original and arguably the best of this delicious pastry.

So entranced are the customers at the New York store that they completely ignored a dead body lying right out front. “I didn’t see anyone leave the line,” local resident, Molly Young, 29, told the New York Post. “It didn’t put a dent in anyone’s appetite.”

A customer eventually did alert one of the bakery employees, who then phoned the emergency services. When they arrived they declared the man dead, and removed the body.

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