Customer insists he’s ‘no hero’ after taking down armed robber on CCTV

'It was only a little knife'
7 News

While shopping at a deli in Adelaide Jamie Daddow found himself in a violent situation.


A robber, caught on CCTV, had pulled a knife on the shopkeeper and was attempting to steal cigarettes.


Jamie interves in deli robbery
Jamie Daddow enters the shop and intervenes. (Credit: 7 News)

Which is when Jamie, a 6-foot tall former security guard, decided to step in.


“It was only a little knife and he (the robber) is a little fella, so to me it was like playing around with one of my kids,’ Jamie told 7 News.

Jamie demonstrates how he held the robber.
Jamie demonstrates the hold he used to subdue the would-be robber. (Credit: 7 News)

He held the robber in a wrestling hold, and had a chat to him as police arrived.


‘I sat him down and told him ‘these are really stupid options’,’ Jamie said.


While the shop owner as expressed his gratitude, Jamie shrugs it off saying it’s what any normal person would do.

(Credit: 7 News)

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