Bride furious over cruel reason family left her wedding early

Is she right to be upset?
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A heartbroken bride has revealed the cruel reason her entire family left her wedding before it was even finished.

The anonymous newlywed posted to a Reddit forum, asking fellow internet users for their advice on her tricky situation.

She began the story by saying she held her wedding at home, with the ceremony at 3pm, reception at 4pm and an after-party at 7pm.

‘The after party was set up so that we could actually spend some real time with our friends and family instead of all the stiff formalities of the reception,’ the bride explained.

‘Wedding and reception went great. Then it was time to head inside for the after party. Half the wedding left including my entire family. Not a single member of my family stayed.’

The reason why her family left in such a hurry shocked everyone.

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‘The next day I found out that my sister had planned a gender reveal party at my grandparent’s house for the same day as my wedding and NOBODY told me,’ she continued.

‘Nobody bothered to ask if I wanted to go. Nobody showed up to my party. Nobody even apologised for not coming.

They had all flown in just for the weekend so I didn’t get to talk to them before the wedding as it was all hectic from wedding prep. Then they flew out the next day.’

Hundreds of commenters sided with the bride, saying her sister was the one in the wrong.

‘How could she plan this the day of her sister’s wedding? What a thick headed b****,’ one person fumed.

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