Married couple pose for VERY unusual photo shoot

Their hilarious ‘empty nester’ photo shoot went viral

A married couple has gone viral after posing for a very unique photo shoot.

Vicky and Jeff Piper sent off their youngest child to college and decided to mark the milestone in a hilarious way.

The pair – from Dayton, Ohio – celebrated becoming ‘empty nesters’ by taking photographs holding a bird’s nest together.

In the photographs, the husband and wife also held a chalk board which read the words: ‘Empty nest, August 2018’.

The pictures are a clever spoof of the many gender reveal and pregnancy photo shoots, which flood Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Sharing the images online, Vicky said she missed the chance to have an elaborate photo opportunity whilst pregnant with her kids.

‘20 years ago we didn’t have gender reveal parties, portraits in beautiful fields with baby shoes to announce a pregnancy,’ she wrote.

‘Nor did we have baby photos on a blanket with a circle️ around a number showing how old they were. We drove our babies to Sears or Olan Mills to get their photo. So in honor of our next chapter …here you go.’

Their viral post has been shared over 47,000 times and attracted over 19,000 comments.

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